TaU Wallpaper World of Warcraft

Hi to everyone reading this article. This is the first of the many yet to come series that I will be writing catered specially to people who are playing world of warcraft and plan to do some raiding in the near future or new raiders that need help to pick up their raiding game !Before I start off into the actual raiding guide, there will be some checks on your current character(s). TaU Wallpaper World of Warcraft The first thing that comes to mind is professions. In world of warcraft, professions differentiate between a good hardcore non-retarded raider and a bad retarded raider. Confused ? Let me quote an example, a raider with herbing / mining as his professions and a raider with jewelcrafting / leatherworking. A sensible raider leader / officer would definitely pick the one with jewelcrafting / leatherworking over the guy that have herbing / mining.The reasons are pretty simple. In raids, herbing / mining won’t get you anywhere in the sense of extra dps / better healing / easier tanking / etc … whereas the one with jewelcrafting / leatherworking have access to both jewelcrafter-only items ( which means only jewelcrafter can craft and its bind on pick up at the time of crafting ) and drums ( an item that increases the haste rating of you and your party members ). And of course, the benefits doesn’t just end there. There are a lot more benefits to a certain profession when it comes to raiding.Another important check is how stocked are you on your consumables. Consumables refers to elixirs that increases your dps / healing or easier to heal ( for tanks obviously ! ). A serious hardcore raider will always bring at least 1 stack ( i.e. 20 ) of the required elixirs ( I will touch on the different elixirs for different roles in the next few coming chapters ). Mana / health potions are required depending on the role you are playing again in the raid ( which I will also touched on in the next few chapters ).A good raider should have at least 1 week of stocked consumable for raiding. I myself personally have up to 2 Fluttershy Wallpaper months worth of consumables at any given time. The reason is pretty simple. The economy of Auction House differs greatly from time to time. Source out the herbs that are required to make your consumables and have a rough gauge of what are the cost of the herbs. Check the AH ( Auction House – I will use it pretty often too ) regularly and don’t miss out those occasional cheap herbs !Another factor comes into mind. How do you earn enough gold to buyout those herbs on a regular basis ?I have already mentioned one of the ways above and that is to check the AH regularly and buy the cheap herbs. Another would be always think of ways to start increase your gold reserve.AH is a double edged sword which can either make you a very very poor raider or a very rich raider depending on how each raider uses the AH to his own benefits ! I will elaborate more on that in the future chapters if I can find the time but gold is definitely something each and every raider should have in order to have a successful raiding career !